Monday, October 14, 2019

Create Your Profile!

After you Register and Login, Edit your personal profile page with picture, additional information, audio and video introductions!

Find Your Connections!

Search the profiles of other registered members to find your potential match connections!

Contact Your Connection!

Once you find someone you like, make a Connection Request. If they accept you, you may contact each other with text, or audio or video chat!


From there,  you two are on your own!

Harkstr wants to facilitate matches that have a better chance for you to find your perfect match. Not a quick hookup. To do this, we need information from you to do an accurate search.

We give you an accurate search return from only what you have requested in your profile. You provide location, age and gender constraints. We provide you a list of only those members who match your criteria.

You can scroll through the list of members who matched your search by looking at their picture. If you see someone who interests you, you look at their basic profile.

You can listen to their personal audio and video message introductions in their detailed profile. Members have the opportunity to put their best foot forward by creating their own audio and video files which they upload to their profile. You get to experience the personality of that person before you commit to wanting to make a connection. Harkstr believes this will lead to better chemistry on a first date. This is why you also must create good message introductions for yourself.

If a member passes your review and you "like" them, now you can make a connection request. If that member "likes" you back, they accept your connection request and you have found a potential match. You can text them or when you are more comfortable proceed to a video chat and get to know each other better. Harkstr believes this will result in less time wasting and fewer disappointments from mis-matched first dates.